About Us

Mission Statement

CABDA is an association that promotes advocacy, best practices, education, and social events for Independent Bicycle Dealers.


About Us

Chicago and its surrounding suburbs are home to an estimated 200 independent bicycle dealers (IBD). IBD’s are mostly comprised of family owned and operated businesses supporting their communities by offering personalized sales and service. Many of these dealers once belonged to an organization known as the Chicago Area Bicycle Dealer Association or CABDA.

CABDA once held the second largest bicycle trade show in the United States. The show ended its run approximately 10 years ago. Midwest dealers were left with limited trade show options during the off season to view product, place orders, or attend seminars.

That is why the Chicagoland Area Bicycle Dealer Association, CABDA, has been resurrected. We are currently offering off-season meetings and seminars, social events, and group rides for dealers. Our final goal is to bring back a trade show to the Midwest in 2015 that welcomes all dealers and manufactures.


Dealer Benefits

  • Off-season meetings
  • Seminars and tech clincs
  • Social events
  • Group rides